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Permit Tips for Gir Lion Safari must aware of

  • To witness the mind blowing and rare wildlife of Gir Forest, 3 safari tours at distinct slash of the day are permitted for tourist. The earliest in morning is at 6:30 am, 9:00 am and late in the evening before dusk at 3:30pm. It is definitely as per availability of permit and then at tourist choice but early morning tour is most advisable in summers, spring and other seasons with moderate temperature. In monsoon Jeep Ride is impractical and mostly suspended.
  • In the Gir National Park total 150 safari trips per day are permitted and 50 entry permits are available for each vehicle. However in summers when days are long, the number of trips mounts up to 180 per day.
  • This is significant for your knowledge that almost 100 % of Gir Safari permits can be attained easily through online.
  • The number of travellers per 4X4 Jeep Ride allowed is 1 to maximum 6 passengers. Tourist can also hire Euro 3 amenable petrol vehicle as a private vehicle for excursion of forest. It is advisable as well as wise to pool with folks of other groups in case of being less than 6 in numbers as it not only reduces the cost of tour per person and also can turn out to be beneficial to others as only limited number of permits are allowed.
  • To avoid last minutes hustle bustles, tourists can apply for permit in advance along with photo ID of every tourist intending to visit National Park. Just browse the site of girforest.in. In and get the advance booking done instantly by just few clicks. For the foreigner tourists, only passport can be used as the photo ID proof. Each vehicle travels through 2 routes that include one entry route and one exit route
  • There are different entry and exit gates for every vehicle and it aids to explore maximum of the Gir wildlife and Forest.
  • There are in all 8 routes and 30 vehicle can roam around during tours permitted at distinct time slot.
  • The route is randomly granted by the concerned authority however one can request for another route tour. But it is utterly up to the choice of authority to accept the request or not as more tours on one route can disturb the wildlife of the nearby area.