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Historic Architecture Tour Of Gujarat

Gujarat is a state where the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi was born in 1869 at Porbandar. The state is also well known for the capital set up by the legendary God, Krishna at Dwarka. Gujarat shares a border with Pakistan on its northwestern side. It is a mix of various races and religions. The state has so much to offer. A visit to this state is worth, when one goes to see the last of few Asiatic Lions in the Sasan Gir national park, or the Flamingos, Pelicans in the Rann Of Kutch. Junagad also holds a historical site of Emperor Ashoka's rock. Dwarka, Somnath and Palitana are all places of Hindu and Jain pilgrims. Udvada well known for the sacred fire of the Parsi community.

Arrival at Baroda and visit the museums and art galleries is scheduled for tourists . Next proceed to Champaner and have the pleasure to see a walled citadel with 16th century Indo-Saracenic monuments whisch is listed on the World Heritage list of UNESCO. Next in row is movement to the tribal areas of Panchmahals District and Chhota Udepur Taluka for traditional houses and sketches of the tribal groups.

DAY-2: CHHOTA UDEPUR - AHMEDABAD (215 km/ 4 hours drive)
From chota udepur movement to Ahmedabad is on the card. It is a city known for its many impressive monuments. Visit to 15th and 16th century mosques and mausoleum complexes that are exceptional examples of the provincial Indo-Saracenic style of Gujarat, the works of Le Corbusier and Luis Kahn, the Gandhi Ashram and museums.

DAY-3: AHMEDABAD - LOTHAL - PALITANA (Approx 240 km, four hours drive + sightseeing time in locals of the city)
Morning walk tour of Ahemdabad revealing the havelis of Ahmedabad and its woodcarvings. Voyage to Lothal, expedition of a Harappan site popular for its town planning, sanitary drainage, standardised weights and measures, pottery and copper work, and lock-gated dockyard. Next is the progress to Palitana with accommodations at Vijay Vilas is a family-run heritage hotel at Adpur, Palitana.

DAY-4: PALITANA - DIU (Approx 200 km, 5 hours driving time)
Go on to see the Jain temple complex a top Shatrunjaya Hill over Palitana. This splendid complex has around 860 temples. Excursion to Diu including ancient Portuguese Fort and 17th century churches. Tourists are planned to have accommodations at Radhika/Richie-Rich close to the beaches of Diu.

DAY-5: PALITANA - SOMNATH - GIR (Approx 102 km)
Next on iternary is Drive to Somnath to see the iconic and holy temples and then finally to Gir National Park is programmed

DAY-6: GIR - JUNAGADH - GONDAL (Approx 123 km, about three hours driving time)
Early morning safari drive to unveil the spectacular and rare wildlife in the Gir Lion Sanctuary & National Park. Next in row is travel to Junagadh known world wide for historic fort, Buddhist caves, palace museum and royal mausoleum complexes. Further Continue to Gondal.

DAY-7: GONDAL -DASADA (Approx 4hrs)
Steer to Dasada, stopover the artisans in the village and have dusk trip to the Little Rann of Kutch for desert animals. Stay at Rann Riders, a resort artistically designed with local materials.

DAY-8: DASADA - DANTA (APPROX 200 km this is a full day trip including sightseeing of many monuments)
Moving ahead to Danta having some of the premium instances of Chalukyan-period architecture - the monument of Vadanagar, the 11th century Sun Temple at Modhera, 12th century jain temples of Taranga, the 11th century stepwell at Patan. Accommodations is programmed at Bhavani Villa at Danta.

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