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Gujarat Tourism

Gujarat, the seventh largest state situated western region of India has colourful history. The most vibrant state serves an opportunity to witness its rich culture, exciting traditions and interesting heritage. Traditional attire chanya, choli, chorno ,kediyu is famous all over the globe and its cuisines add an edge to the popularity of Gujarat worldwide. Gujarat along with the carefree and flamboyant nature of people is also known across the world for tourist destinations. It shows huge diversity in the ecosystem and have desert, dense forest and sea coast altogether. It stores the peace of desert on one hand and the lush green scenic beauty on the other hand giving pleasure and experience nature’s diversity. Connect yourself to the real wealth of Gujarat by spending few days as quoted by Mr Amitabh Bachan-“kuch din to Gujar Gujarat Mein” as it is worth visiting. Every year thousands of people from across the world visit the lively state and goes back with timeless memories of nature’s beauty and hospitality. Have a quick glimpse of main tourist attraction of the state.

Gir National Park (Home of Asiatic Lions):
Witness the real treasure of nature- the magnificent flora and fauna of Gir which is endangered and perhaps available to see for few generations only, if the world continues to act irresponsible towards nature. At present Gir seems to be away from the unethical acts of human and still have Clean rivers, exquisite forest, incredible wild life especially Asiatic Lions, safari tours and rocky hills for trekking and mountaineering. Established with the prime motive of conserving the enadangered lions is now a hub of hundreds of species, living safely and surviving against the odds. Gir has range of hotels, lodge and resorts for the tourist to stay with comfort and luxury. These hotels maintains exemplary elementary as well luxury amenities to make the stay memorable and full of comfort.

The Great Rann of Kutch:
Gujrat tourism maintains and often quotes for Rann of Kucth “Kutch nhi dekha to kuch nahi dekha” which literally means that “the tour of Gujarat is incomplete without visiting Kutch”. Do not miss the beauty of salt desert located in Thar Desert in Gujarat's largest salt desert. Cultural programmes are held regularly here and are worth to visit during Ram Mahotsava.

Dwarkadhish Temple of Lord Krishna:
After Mathura and Vrindawan, Dwarka is said to be the holy place for devotees of Lord Krishna where lord Krishna settled down with his yadava and wide Rukamani. Believed to be constructed by grandson of Lord Krishna, Dwarkadish is one of famous temple which has set high standards around the world in carved architecture. Devotes from across the world do not miss the opportunity to visit the sacred place of Krishna. Dwarka is now said to be submerged in the Arabian Sea and archaeologist have been quite successful in bridging the information about the land of Krishna. Krishna janamashtmi is the religious festival celebrated with full pomp and show.

Somnath temple said to be built by Moon also called Soma was constructed sheerly to prove his devotion and fidelity towards the lord Shiva. It is one of the prominent Jyotirlingas of divine power Shiva and is one of the pilgrimage of char Dham yatra. It is situated in Prabhas Patan near Veraval in Saurashtra on west coast of Gujarat. It well connected by road and is 380 Kms from Ahemdabad. Now special train have been arranged by Government of India in the interest of Pilgrims to make the difficult char dham yatra easy and comfortable. One can opt by train as well as by aeroplane but there is no straight flight to veraval. It was invaded and damaged by many rulers earlier but was later reconstructed in Chalukaya’s style of architecture and was completely in 1951 after independence. A devotee from across the world visit somnath to get rid of their sins and is one of the famous tourist destinations of Gujarat.

Junagarh categorically means old fort is one of the infamous cities of Gujarat. It is best instance of unity in diversity as not only people of all religion stay here but also respect each other. It is a hub of temples of Hindus and Budh along with mosque and other historical constructions. This chronological city was under the realm of Babi Nawabs. It has majority of world famous tourist attraction of Gujarat like Gir National Park, Ashokan Rock Eddict, Mahabat ka Maqbara etc. It is very finely connected by road to rest of the regions of Gujarat through airlines as well as road. Every year hundereds of visitors visit Junagarh

Ahmedabad, the former capital of Gujarat and is the fifth largest city of India. People In Ahmedabad is no less than metro cities of India in terms of infrastructure, amenities and beauty. People here follow cosmopolitan lifestyle along with being connected to the roots of Gujarat. In addition to high towering multiplexes, it displays rich culture, mind boggling architecture, ancient monuments and lively folks. Being the leading and developed city of the state, It has air, train and bus terminals connecting other states to remote areas of Gujarat. Few leading attractions of the city are Sabarmati Ashram, Mosque, Bhadra fort, and monuments. Akshardham temple is enormously popular amongst international as well as domestic tourists.

Champaner-Pavagarh Archaeological Park:
Champaner Archelogical park, situated 50 Kms east of Baroda city was acknowledged in 2004 amongst the list of UNESCO world heritage site. It is an ideal park for folks inclined towards architecture and culture of ancient India. It includes mosque, granaries, walls, wells, tombs, terraces and temples.

Bhuj is a small but attractive beautiful little town with many tourist attractions. It is situated in Kutch district, Gujarat. Local ruler named Maharao Hamir is said to have discovered Bhuj. Hamirsar lake, Prag Mahal, Aina Mahal, Sharadbaug palace, Kucth museum, Ramakund, swaminarayana temple, Bhartiya sanskriti darshan museum, Bhujia Fort, Hill garden, Mohammad panah Masjid and trimandir are famous tourist attraction. It well connected with road and train to other parts of the state.